A $ 1.6 Billion Fine Is Awaiting Facebook

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leakage in a timely manner, it may face a $ 1.6 billion fine from the European Union.
A bug on Facebook has revealed to third-party developers that they have been allowed access to user photos last night, according to a Telegraph news agency.
Typically, users allow their friends to share their personal photos, but the bug gives them access to the images. The Irish Information Protection Committee ( IDPC ) has announced that it has begun investigating this security breach.

In this security disruption, even pictures that users have not shared on the social network.
In the same vein, Facebook is expected to be fined $ 1.6 billion because of this security breach and disclosure of users’ information in the EU.

According to the EU’s data protection laws, if it proves that Facebook has not taken steps to prevent a security crackdown, the company will face a fine of 4% of its annual income.
The IDPC spokesman said that we have started researching this week about Facebook’s compliance with the GDPR (European Union Public Information Protection Act) rules.
This is as Facebook claims to talk with software developers to clear user images as they see them.

Thousands of apps like Spotify, Netflix, and Airbnb are connected to Facebook profiles so users can find their friends or get into them more easily.
Some of these apps allow users to access photos, including photo print websites. But these apps only get access to photos that users post on their Time Lane account. But an incorrect update over the 12-day period in September gave 876 other companies access to user photos and changed so many USA facebook comments.

Facebook has been notified of this bug and repaired it in September, but did not notify IDPC by November 22nd. However, according to GDPR rules, companies must report any disclosure within 72 hours of occurrence.
The House Speaker of the British House of Representatives Dumble Collins, in collaboration with Canadian counterpart Bob Zimm, intends to push Zuckerberg to attend the meeting personally and provide compelling answers.
In recent months, Zuckerberg has been forced to testify personally in the US Congress and the European Parliament, due to violations of Facebook privacy, the transfer of their private data to third parties and individuals, the inability to deal with the release of fake news, etc…
The committee that Zuckerberg has to testify against is called the “Great International Committee”, and its first meeting will be scheduled to take place on November 27 and will be attended by representatives of several other countries.
In a letter sent to Zuckerberg to attend the meeting, he said: “We understand that you are not allowed to attend all legislative meetings of all countries.” But we believe that your users in other countries also need to respond to Facebook on your own, and we assume you want to take this responsibility. Zuckerberg has not responded to this letter.


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