Increase site visit with simple and completely free methods (reference article)

Increasing Site Visits is one of the most important things that any site owner should take care of. In fact, if you own any online business, should I buy website traffic and try to increase your site visit? No matter what services and products you offer, in any case, you should consider increasing your site’s visitors. The traffic of every site is part of its capital.

No matter how great your web site is in any way, it’s useless and you will not be able to get any real traffic until you get real traffic.

The reason most of the online businesses fail is that there is not enough traffic. Now there are websites that are in any way quality, but their main problem is to be seen. In fact, the managers of these sites are incapable of increasing their site traffic and cannot properly send their actual and targeted web traffic to their site daily.

In this article, I’m going to introduce some ways to easily capture true and targeted website traffic to your site. The methods described in this article are often based on the production of targeted content, and each one alone can increase the number of visits to your site. Just do it to enjoy high-traffic targeted traffic.

So, if you feel that you’re having trouble getting your site upgraded, here’s a great companion to me. I promise you to forget about this article by adding this article to additional visits to your site.

How to increase site visit for free

Writing Visited Articles

The first way you can greatly increase your site visit is to write articles that are great for your business.

Many friends think that if they write only in their field of work, they will do a great job, and as the number of pages on their site increases, their site traffic should increase day by day. If that’s not the case at all! The article you are writing should be written for a particular purpose and, most importantly, should have a high search in the month.

To do this, you need to know the words and it’s better to identify the words that have a high score and write your articles about them.

You can use the Google Trends tools and the Google Keyword Planner to find high-level phrases and words. Sometimes you go to Google’s webmaster and visit the search analytics section.

There you can find quotes that have a high search. If your site is ranked badly in those highlighted quotes, you should work quickly and focus on them so that your site will also come to the Google homepage.

For example, in our area of search, users search for ” targeted email marketing” and ” Email Marketing Targeted“. You should also find these kinds of phrases and words in your field of work and write about them in full articles. So that they get a high ranking in the search results.

The important thing is just that you should write your content and SEO to get good ranking. One of the ways you can guarantee your article rank is to be more complete than the rest. Look at the search results before writing the first article. To what extent are the articles previously written by other people? Whatever you were, you would be stronger and more complete than them.

If you do this, be sure to get a lot of traffic on Google every day by writing too little articles. 

Producing and distributing viral books

Writing an eBook or eBook is not hard at all. You can easily do this. You can convert the exact articles that you publish on your site into valuable eBooks and re-publish them.

Well why do you have to do this? Just because of its release. eBooks can vitalize. Most visited sites like and have very high hits per day that these sites will publish your book for free on their site. Obviously, if the article does not have the ability to share on these sites.

When you publish your own eBook on these sites, many people have access to your book and download it. Interestingly, these sites, in addition to publishing your free bulletin board on their site, also publish on their channel and mobile app, which is very valuable to you.

The important thing is that if your notebook is useful and useful, it will be severely viral. When your eBook gets a virus and many sites on your site, people will get to know your name and business, and most of them will certainly come back to your site.

Just like the book ” 10 Principles for Boosting the Telegram Channel “, which was an article, I turned it into a PDF file and published it on the Green Book Site. After that, a lot of news sites, especially the popular ZB site, downloaded this eBook on their site. To find out exactly what this book is about in Google.

Produce and publish video

Videos are always the most popular content format and have more impact on audiences. You do not have to worry about producing video too. You do not need to be in front of the camera! No, you want to brand and not create an advertising video.

You can easily turn your site’s articles into videos and publish them on other sites.

To do this, just select one of your pre-written articles and write the contents of the article as a headline in PowerPoint. Then you can talk the same things you wrote in your article in your video. You can also use Snagit to capture your PowerPoint.

You can also take steps to do a movie and put it as a video tutorial for your audience. It’s best to create videos that are popular. For example, a video of adding an Iranian phone number to the Google AdWords panel is one of the most popular recent videos.

After that, it’s time to post videos. One of the best ways is to create channels in American video sharing services and share your videos there. Services like YouTube, View, Watch, View, and into have great views every day.

Complete your profile and make sure to put your site’s address in your channels. Be sure that as soon as your audience sees your video, they will go to your channel’s homepage and click on the URL of your site that is available on your channel to get more familiar with your site.

One of the special advantages of these sites is that these sites are educational, and they do not have any videos of theater and video. So, this will make your videos more targeted and reachable to your real audience.

Conduct free events

Another way to increase site visits is to conduct free and offline events. For example, make an online webinar and put up for free on event sharing sites. One of the sites that helps you to see more and increase traffic to your site is here.

The best site to create and share the event. You can easily add the same videos as I’ve mentioned in the previous section (for example, an hour), and place it as an online webinar for free on the site.

The creation of the event is completely free and, as you like, you can place your site link directly on the event page created.

When you put up an offline and pre-recorded webinar on Yves, many people are keen on accessing your recorded webinar file, which is free. So, they’ll get to know you and be sure to stick to your site.

The important thing is to try on your event page to ask your audience for more information about the event to your site.

Generate and publish audio files

Making audio files or podcasts is also a very simple task. Just turn your site articles into audio. Also, you can convert your own book already written to the audiobook and publish it again. It’s as simple as that. To share your content, you just need to convert it to different formats. 

Cooperation in the sale of services and products

Collaboration on sales is one of the best ways to increase site visits. By launching a sales co-operation system on your site, you can multiply your site traffic completely free of charge.

Whenever it comes to cooperation in the sale, many friends go to work on selling physical goods. Not! Collaboration on sales can be very useful for sites that offer services or sites that sell digital products.

The fact is that many of the businesses that are now successful in Iran have succeeded in achieving a successful marketing system. Famous hosting providers such as the homeland of web sites, and the host of the Famous, known in less than two years, have become popular with the brand-name marketing system.

Also, startups such as Snap and Elo Peak are also famous and epidemic. The high percentage of their reputation is owed to marketers who have presented them to others in a completely free way and only in return for receiving the commission. In this article, I’ve mentioned this:  8 Monetization Methods for Content Sites

You also have any business. You can use this system to increase your popularity and especially increase your site visit. If you have content on the Web, you can attract a lot of marketers to your site by producing digital products like attractive eBooks.

Even giving all your profits to your marketplaces, do this because it really is in your favor. For example, consider 70 percent of the allowance for your marketers to be more encouraged to work for you. Because of digital products, you will not lose anything.

If you provide services, do exactly that. Give your marketers the opportunity to introduce and deliver their services to increase your site visit and your business.

Guest post and publication of the article on other sites

Because today’s content is the first word on the Web, and the quality of content production is a bit tricky, and many sites are incapable of doing so, many sites are eagerly awaiting you to generate their content.

Be sure to know the guest post word for you. Publishing a guest post is one of the best ways to increase site visibility and popularity of your business.

There are many content sites that you can post as guest writers and advertise your site in those posts too. Of course, you do not have to directly advertise your site in your article. It’s enough to be in your profile and signing up on your site, including your web address.

I suggest what guest article is and what features? Be sure to read.

There are other sites that are redesigning other articles from other sites. Like the official news site that is active in the production and dissemination of news from other sites. You can easily unpublish your site’s articles for more on this site at no cost.

An example of feedback from one of our articles on the Official News Site:

So, you can find sites with a simple Google search. Sites that are thirsty for good content and high quality.

Another example of the content sites where you can post your articles is the comma. Saigon has made significant progress in less than a site and has attracted a large audience. By publishing your website articles in there, you also receive links to increase your site traffic. By publishing articles and activities on these sites, you can easily advertise your business

Exchange links with colleagues

One of the best ways to increase the actual visit of the link exchange site to your workplace colleagues. Of course, the exchange of the link means the exchange of content or reportage. Work now and create a list of colleagues active in your area. Email them and offer content sharing. You can also visit your website and get quality links from your sites.

Try to increase your negotiating power so that you can persuade your colleagues to work with you. Explain the benefits of this method to them to encourage them to put your content on their website.

Activity on social networks

Sales lagging a little this Spring.  No worries! Buy website traffic from social media signls as quick, easy and safe jump start to help ensure you reach your goals!  The key is driving prospective customers to your website or blog.  Make sure you have a relevant offer/fresh messaging awaiting them, and you can help to ensure a solid conversion rate. Activities in our popular social networks are among other ways to increase site visits. But the purpose of the activity here is not to publish on your site anything on your social network. This is great to improve SEO, but we plan to operate on the Telegram and Instagram, which have nothing to do with SEO.

I do not intend to tell stereotypical things about the activity on these two popular social networks. The bottom line is that if you want to capture high traffic from Instagram and Telegram, you should create unique and proprietary content that’s not on your website to get a new audience with your business.

For example, in Telegram, which is a messaging platform, you should focus more on text and audio. Try to publish more text notes and audio files in your work area in the Telegram.

Or, on Instagram, which is an image-centered social network, you need to focus more on image and video. Shortcuts on the Instagram are great. Try to always use attractive images with engagement pockets and videos that are important and essential things in them. 

Build a mobile app

As you know, the number of mobile users is increasing day by day. You can attract a lot of mobile users by building a mobile app. It does not matter which area you are in. Making mobile apps is much easier than ever before. You can easily have a mobile app for you with a few clicks.

The mobile app is not an advanced app. You can easily identify your site to many people by using mobile books already found in the market cafe. You can convert the same ones I’ve already mentioned into Android Books.

Mobile app markets such as the market cafe easily accept and insert on your site with a small fee.

You can easily attract a lot of people to your site with an Android book. The important thing is that if you want to download a lot of your apps, you should choose an attractive title.

Of course, you can also know that by generating applications in your field of work, you can also increase your site visit and get to know a lot about your business. A few days ago, I saw an app in the market cafe that was about checking out the site’s rating in suggested keywords and phrases. This application was related to a site known as SEO.

Site optimization for Google (SEO)

In my opinion, the best way to increase site visit is to optimize the site for Google and other search engines. Every site needs to crawl its site in order to be able to receive genuine and targeted traffic. The top-quality audiences for any online business come from search engines. Investing in SEO is the best strategy.

You should have the best rank in search results in your business phrase and keywords. It’s time to get a slap of traffic everyday just from Google. Real traffic and free!

There are plenty of things about SEO on the Persian web site as well as on the Web site along with the Web site, which you can visit the SEO section of the site and read them. But the important thing to know about SEO is to create great content and share it best.

The future of SEO is content. Content that is exactly what the audience is looking for. Be sure in the future SEO is just about the content. So, I suggest that if you are planning to spend money to produce high-quality content. Because it’s the only production of content that will not risk you in the future and will benefit you.

Use the email newsletter

One of the best ways to increase site visits is to send emails to members of the site. It is true that in this way, the new visitor is not logged in, but visitors who enter the site will certainly increase the site’s daily visits. For example, if your site visits 1000 IPs at a time when you send emails to your site members, you can get 300-500 other IPs in addition to your regular daily visit.

Traffic back to the site will be very valuable to you. In fact, one of the most important factors in return traffic or visitors to the site is. With the email newsletter, in addition to increasing your site visit, you can also help improve your site’s SEO.

No matter what your site is, it’s important to get the contact information of your visitors. If you do not do this, make sure you lose a lot of users. The best way is to ask them to subscribe to your site’s email newsletter. Be sure the users who subscribe to your site’s email newsletter are interested in your site and content and are not subscribed to in your email newsletter. This also makes it possible for regular visitors and loyalty to arrive.

Do not forget, many visitors who come to your site for the first time may forget your site entirely. Unless your site is so great and attractive to remain in the minds of the audience. So do not forget to email them to make them permanent to your site and create sustainable traffic for your site.

Many content-centric sites have created a sustainable daily traffic flow. Each article or content that they publish on their site will be informed by email newsletters to their site users. Of course, attracting traffic by email is used by many sites. Even many sites, like DJs, increase their site visits through email ads that offer attractive content. 

Updating old but important articles

One of the best ways to increase site visits that I have used many times is to update the old site articles. This method is a unique way to increase site visits. It’s better to update articles that you are sure that you can get high traffic when you get better results in search results. It means articles that have high probability of being viewed.

To know about this topic, go to Google Webmaster. See the Search Analytics section. In this section, you can find the key words and phrases your site gets the most traffic. There are some keywords in which your site does not rank well, but with that, there are very high impressions.

For example, your site in the keyword ” work at home ” is the third page of search results. However, the impression or amount is high (for example, 5,000), you will notice that you can get very high traffic by increasing the rank in the search results in this keyword. It’s quite clear when this is the third page that hits, but what happens to the first page and higher rankings? Of course, you can get very high traffic.

To update your article, you can update the content of the article as well as add images, audio, or even video. It is best to update your article so that Google understands this issue. It means to update in detail. Add at least 300 to 500 words along with the images.

Serious Notice: Do not use sites or site visit enhancements at all. These sites have no other benefit than increasing artificial and fake traffic to your site. Firstly, traffic fake does not in any way become a contact or customer of your site, and secondly, traffic jams will cause your site to drop in search results. Increasing the bandwidth and reducing the presence of users on the site with unlimited traffic is uncontrollable. Fake hits severely hurt your site and Google can well detect the site’s visitor’s visit. So, try not to use these sites at all.

Concluding Speech

As you can see, all the methods I have mentioned are based on content creation. The interesting thing is that you can convert a content format to other content formats and use each one separately to increase your site visit.

For example, you only have time to produce a paper, but you can also convert it to a notebook, you can convert it to voice and convert it to video. Distribute each one separately in your own channel and create multi-level traffic for your site.

If you want to increase your site visit for free and at no cost, be sure to use the methods described in relation to your work. Of course, as you can see, if you have anything on your website, you can use all methods.

Again, I emphasize that each of these methods alone can increase the number of visits to your site.

I hope you’ve used enough of this article too. Be sure to use the same methods to significantly increase your site visitors.


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