Mobile User Experience: Limitations and Strengths

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Mobile phone experience for users to enter the website

Mobile devices have become new channels for users to enter sites that have been able to bring users to the internet more than ever. But it should not be forgotten that the design of the site is relevant to the operating system of mobile phones.

That is, the display and layout of the site should be simple and user-friendly that on small mobile phones does not hurt the visitor’s eyes. The following tips can help you design user-friendly web pages on mobile phones.

Mobile User Experience - Channel0401.Info

Mobile User Experience


Pay attention to site navigation

A website design that meets the needs of users has a huge impact on the increase of viewers. If we look at websites that are active since 2007, we will see that a huge amount of Internet users have been sent to these sites. The reason for this was paying attention to the site’s display on mobile phones. Earlier this year, smartphones were not released. This does not make the designers think of compatible phones.

Site pages are displayed on smaller mobile phones, which limits the design. So, when designing a website, it’s easier to use simple pixels, coupled icons, shortcuts, prefabricated menus, and more. It can help design mobile-friendly sites. Content architecture has a great impact on the overview of the site. You may want to use 4 or 5 links on the site in the content. But links should be used in such a way that links can be clicked. Also, the sidebars are problematic on the pages of the site. Horizontal space can be used to do this. Also, additional links to the page were taken to the margin of the site. But a simpler solution for the site designer is to remove the sidebars.


The process of creating marginal tapes hinges on different sections of the page and repeats the horizontal menu of the page. Website design for mobile requires simple navigation. So that the page is converted to 5 parts and the page navigation is created through the fixed menu at the bottom of the page. For a popup page that is designed to design a site for a variety of browsers, it’s best to use two colors and styles. The size, color, and shape of the buttons used for the popup page are important. In general, circular and rectangular elements are the best option for pop-up buttons that can be displayed on a smartphone’s screen. Using innovative techniques and new ideas can help you beautifully. But this creative form should not make users mistakes to change and use the pages of the site.

Size and size can also be useful for website re-targeting.

Sometimes the site designer may have the number of buttons to return on the page, just to hit the links. This can simplify the page. Because it prevents overloading the site. The characteristics of the buttons that are created for website retention should be as follows:


You need to make sure there is enough free space around the buttons and links. Because the lack of free space causes users to be mistaken. You should also be sure of the resolution of the buttons. Creating shadows, sloping, and adding new styles can help guide users easier to use than buttons.

• Start to design a site in accordance with the mobile operating system

One of the pillars of site design is the site’s reciprocation. If the site design is well-used for graphic elements and content, the page that opens the handwriting of the system is the same in smartphones. One of the benefits of placing the content and the bottom bar on the page is the compatibility of the page size on the phone. The philosophy of this is to improve the user experience of the site.

• Site design guide tailored to mobile phones

1- Organizing a content program before designing a site

First, design a beautiful and attractive frame for the site. But this frame should be meaningful. The site, if it fails to create a strong sense in the mind of the audience, remains like a simple painting that has no effect on the users.

Father’s frames are a good idea to organize the site, which can be used to enlarge the images using these types of frames. The content and design is also another step in organizing the site. Organizing content does not mean copying text or posting duplicate content. Rather, new content should be published to attract audiences to the site. You need to create a list of content priorities.

Having a specific path for the website and its content can help organize the content program.

2. Help with words

Make sure you use the words throughout the content well. Size and other words are important. On the phone device, words should be placed on the screen. In this case, the size of the words should not be too large. If the site is designed for Windows only, the content may require less editing. But for the mobile phone operating system, the content needs more editing. Because the smartphone screen is small and does not have the capacity to contain all the words in the content.

Designing the perfect mobile website

3- Pay attention to the typography issues on the smaller screen

Font size, height, and line width should be appropriate to the size of the screen. Users should be able to read the content on the screen. Using larger fonts can improve content readability for users. The site should be designed in such a way as to be able to adjust and minimize fonts on the mobile phone.

Distance is another important factor in the small screen. Line height should be appropriate. If the distance between the lines is too high, the best possible distance for textual content on mobile phones is 1, 1.25 and 1.5, which will be different depending on the type and size of the fonts. Throughout the site design process, you should monitor site text on mobile phones to see the height of the lines. This can help you choose the right size and size. Remember that large fonts should be used in some parts of the content when it comes to the release of the site. If headlines and headings are important and you want users to focus on them, you should use larger fonts for these parts. Color also has a great impact on attracting the attention of the audience.


• Negative space

Negative space can also help attract users. Proper use of negative space can make content more prominent.

• Testing the site is a recipe

Once you’ve reprized your site, you have to test it several times this time. It is important that the designer’s look and feel are portable on the pages of the site. You also need to know how the site works.

A prototype of static design can show you the function of the site and make sure the site is without technical problems. It is better to do a site test through a mobile phone.

• The speed of downloading images on the site

Another feature of a responsive site is the high download speed. So mobile phones should be able to download images at the same speed as the Windows operating system.

One of the problems for many mobile phone users is that they do not like small-scale images. At the same time, if the size of the images is too much, they will be downloaded slowly.

So balancing the balance to determine the size of images that are not too small and at the same time display well on mobile phones is one of the problems of webmasters in streaming the site.

• Increased layout power

The design of the website and the popularity of mobile phones have led the websites to move around so they can easily be displayed on these smaller pages. The desktop space is great, so the graphic design and aesthetic elements of the site are well displayed.

But on mobile phones, this beauty may be gone. For example, a bar will appear on content that will discourage users from reading. That’s why it’s necessary to recite the site.

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