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I would like to give 10 tips for the dear webmasters and the meaning of SEO to the early adopters. One of the most famous technologies of Google is Spider-Search, which is the same technology that has made Google a success. So what is Spider Search? This technology is read by a specification which includes Meta, Title tags and many other tags. This program finds related words or words corresponding to the word. There is a Page Rank discussion that arranges pages in an irrelevant sequence that depends on the visit to that website and the probability that the pages look similar to the search word. Of course, the similarity of words is less important than visiting a website.

So we found that Google uses Spider Search technology. What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means improving the search engine. We said that on a Google page, it finds the content of the meta tags and title, and so on. SEO is the right use of these tagsHow to properly use these tags in the top ten tips for using SEO.

Tip # 1: Using the Best Keywords: If your CMS is capable of placing keywords for content, be sure to use keywords related to your content. For example, if you’re writing a Call of Duty 6 Black Ops game, you’d better use the following words:

Call of Duty: Black Ops: Version 6: Game: Game: Call of Duty: New version of call of duty: Download the new version

But the use of the following words misleads the search engine:

Religious Pictures: Jokes: Call of Duty: Game: Version 6: Block Opps: CalFDiot: Download All Types of Pictures: Romance: Science

The same mistakes cause some of Google to be thrown. Also, try using English words. In the public meta tag of your blog or site, be sure to use the related words. If your site is related to IT news, it is better to use the following words:

IT News, IT Technology, IT, IT, IT News, IT Iran, IT World

But using the following words is a misleading search engine:

Download, romance, wallpapers, IT news, news from Iran and the world, IT news, IT, download, photos, interesting photos, cartoon, jokes

Even some in their Meta tag use the name or address of the most popular sites, which is a kind of misuse of the efforts of others!

Tip # 2: The correct use of the tag Title: The tag The subtitle tag is at the same time the most important tag for SEO (after meta). You must also say in the short paragraph title tag with meaning. For example Site title – The title of the article or the site’s homepage is just the title of the site. Even if your title is tall, use something short for the title tag or even leave no Title tag for it. Also, after the title tag, the name of your content file (HTML or PHP file) is important to use the Persian advantages and disadvantages of using English and its advantages and disadvantages in the next point.

Tip # 3: Select the correct English or English file name correctly? : Using the English or English title in each filename has some advantages and disadvantages. Use the Persian file name like AIDS .html. Well, this name can be seen in browsers like Internet Explorer like this:% DF and … But the advantage of using the Farsi name can be to save time and increase page paging. But for English, the advantage is that it’s easily detected on Google, and it’s still a paging hit, and it’s almost unproblematic.

Tip # 4: Syntax Caution for using Meta Tags and Title: Caution Syntax Anywhere Required Even SEO! Now see Syntax Required:

The title tag should be less than 66 characters. In the meta tag, for description, do not use less than160 characters and do not use keywords for more than 5 words.

Tip # 5: Applying the description in the Meta tag: This is also one of the basic meta- tags in SEO, which gives you a brief explanation of your site at the bottom of the link, which should have a short description of 160 characters or less. If you have a site for playing, it’s best to use this description:

Review of the new world of the game Trainer Play the game Crack Game

From a long description at all like:

The Rainier game to play Crack Welcome! Download Pdf Download Get Free Pc Game Download Welcome to my blog. I’m happy to link me with the name “…”.

Tip # 6: Create a page with interesting links: Be sure to use links on your site, and do not even spoil the entire contents of the pages on one page and link to other pages. Even try to get links out of the site, such as interesting posts (Fun Posts). The home page of your site should be as light as possible and split the content into several files. If your home page is in PHP format, create the index.htm and index.html file and even the default.aspx file to direct the user to the same PHP file. On the same pages, direct the user after 3 seconds or less and show the meta tags as much as possible in these files. Also, put keywords and descriptions and titles of posts in a link. But do not hide them.

Tip # 7: Use the ALT and Title attributes in the image and tags: Using these tags in the tags also has a lot of effect on Google Photo Search. In fact, these two attributes indicate the name and profile of a photo on the web. To give Also, if your photo does not open, you can view the user’s text by looking at the image or refreshing it. For example, if you have a photo with 10 Tips For SEO text, you can use the following code to display the standard photo:

<img src = “Pic Address” alt = “10 Tips for SEO” title = “10 Tips for SEO” />

Displaying your site’s photos in search of Google’s photo will increase your visit and may even see your user explain what you have written for this photo and what you wrote so your site’s visit goes up.

Tip # 8: Identify your site: The first step to displaying your site is to display it on Google or similar services. To do this.

Fill out the form as described above. After registering your site, it takes 10 days to 2 months to be introduced to Google Robots. To ensure your site registration, search: site: Sooner or later the registration in robots depends on observing the following tips and previous tips.

Tip # 9: The robots.txt file is optional but important: you can not use blogs, but if you own a site, you can create this file and upload it to the root main site. How to write the content of this file (Syntax) is as follows:

User-agent: *
Disallow: / CGI-bin /
Disallow: / js /
Disallow: / CSS /
Sitemap: Enter Your Sitemap

The content of this file is like high content. Instead of entering Your Sitemap, place the XML address of your website. Get help from this webmaster tool to create your sitemap.

Tip: Use Validator: And the Last Step to Improve SEO Site. Using the W3C Validator can help you eliminate site errors and increase your site’s ranking. Of course, you can not take into consideration the errors you take and just make the mistakes that make sense to yourself. Because this robot is very wrong and does not make a mistake, it’s very hard.


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