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Ten user interface rules that each site designer must know and use in 2019. The ten rules of user interface design are outlined in this article

UI Design is a kind of science that you need to keep up to date with the latest user interface design techniques if you want to be able to compete with other site designers. Today, finding a SITE DESIGNER who can work on most site design projects is a hard and complex task. But it’s hard to find a professional designer who knows the latest technology and techniques related to his work, and in fact, we can be proficient in this area.

Knowing the important techniques of designing and mastering the interface, you can put the site designer at the top of the rest. Nowadays, thanks to the ready-made templates on the market, they are all designed for themselves and, in fact, they are experts in it, but the problem that makes some people able to make good money for the rest is knowing and mastering On the user interface. Of course, this is one of the things that the professional designer will master.

If we want to define the interface design on a line, we can say that any site that is used on the site for scrolling and working more closely looks to the site in terms of graphics. The term “user interface design” and “user experience” are always confused. We do not want to talk about the definition and differences of the two in this article, but we’re going to outline some techniques that you can use to increase website traffic and the quality of your site’s interface design. Techniques that you should pay special attention to in 2019.

Ten rules of user interface design

1. User interface design is not separate from UX and must be in communication

The first thing to look at and very important is to understand the importance of understanding the role of interface design on UX. That means that the perfect UI can enhance the user experience.

A user interface designer must receive information from the site USER EXPERIENCE before starting to start, information such as problems that previously existed and should be solved, the flow of activities that the user is doing, and the main products and information that should be To show. These are part of the relationship between user interface design and user experience.

2. Know your site usersa designer, you might think that the user interface that you created is the best, but in fact, you need to know that the final and final comment is expressed by the user and you are not. In the site design strategy, it’s always stated that before starting, you need to find out what your current and future users are looking for, and try to figure it out in the design of your site’s UI.

To ANALYZE your SITE , you can use the Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to find out how much your site’s input, type of users and their location. Also, given the history you’ve achieved, you know what your users’ needs were.

For better understanding and recognition of users, you can get help from rival sites. Check out their interface design and place yourself as a user on their site. See if you really get what you want. So the recognition of the user and the need for it is the second step that any design must be careful about.

3. Keep elements simple and stable

The badge and symbol of a convenient UI is its simplicity. We do not mean simplicity in design, that is, the use of graphic elements in animation mode, but simply in understanding the concept of its application. The user interface of your site should be so simple that the user has no need or question to navigate. It is in fact the task of the user interface designer that generates the elements in a coordinated and, of course, simple way for each user to easily understand its main purpose by entering it.

4. Implementation of the visual hierarchy

The most important aspects of user interface design should be specific to attract users’ attention. It is always advisable to identify your main goal before the start and identify the things that are most important to you so that the user knows more about them. One example is the use of large fonts on the front pages of the site. Put the coarse fonts and the opposite color, which is the main slogan of the site, for example. Then go to the little things.

Note that the ability to move or modify important items is limited and should also be graphically consistent with the entire site design.

5. Use proper typography

Another point that you can attract more attention is the use of typography. Choosing the right font is very important in the design of the interface, as it can enhance visual beauty in addition to knowing the content for users.

Tips to consider in typography, first of all, is the font selection that is supported in all browsers. Then the font size is complete to be readable. Especially on a tablet and tablet with a smaller screen size, it’s a desktop. The most important thing to keep in mind about font size in typography is that the font size of the site should not be the same. Put the important information that you want users to pay more attention to with larger fonts. It’s even advisable to use beautiful graphic elements to display them.

6. Use the perfect color contrast

Use the right color to design your user interface. Of course, the entire site uses a colored template, but some of the cases that are important in terms of information or in the form of a CTA and encourages the user to call for practical action are basically using an opposite color, but this contrasting color must be The color of the original theme matches. Basically, those who work ON THE DESIGN OF THE SITE , are advised to have studies on the psychology of colors.

Most importantly, the color you choose should be in line with your business type. For example, if you are active in the sale of machine tools, the use of pink color will ruin your work.

7. Consider feedback messages

One of the main advantages of a website design project is to get feedback from users. This feedback can be received in a very special way. You can use a form to get your comments, but the main difficulty is that users can not technically get bugs on their work, but anyway, their view is that it determines whether the site is a good or bad one. . Or you can get help from specialized sites to resolve technical issues.

But if you want to look more closely and scientifically, the amount of time users on your site can be put in feedback. If the user logs in to your site and quits immediately, he finds out that the interface design is problematic, or the content is completely contrasted with what is placed with what is placed.

Another way is to post the messages you completed to complete the forms and steps on your site, but the user does not complete the half of them. Certainly, or the steps were too long, or the design of the user interface could not be trusted. Anyway, you have to find the problem.

8. Simplify the forms

Forms are one of the most important ways and mean that users can communicate with your site. Site owners can also receive important and valuable information through the forms.

The main issue is that most users hate the forms for some reason. Creating a form is very important in user interface design. First of all, you need to determine if the site really needs a form. Unfortunately, many sites use the simplest information to force users to sign up for the site, which makes them annoyed. In some forms, entering all the information is necessary, for example, the name of the father or ID number. The shape of the forms is the most important issue in the design of the user interface. Unfortunately, some forms have background designs that are identical with the background or they are small in size and the user can not see all the things they enter.

9. Work together to succeed in UI design

Of course, designing a site is not something that can be done alone. There is a need for a team to build a successful site, and all team members have to share and share the information they need. There are many tools for collaborating among members.

10. Consider all the things together

THE INTERFACE DESIGN IS not easy. A successful designer should be able to properly manage all of the above and other things and consider them in building your site. Additionally, it should have a good relationship with the designer of the user experience and the owner and other members of the site.


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