WHO | Why should I donate blood?

WHO | Why should I donate blood? - Channel0401.Info

As many foods have side effects along with their benefits, blood donation also has side effects. Do you think blood donation is complicated? In this section, we talk about blood donation complications.

A few general and interesting truths about blood

  • a. On average, every adult has an average of 4.5-5.5 liters of blood.
  • B. Women have less blood than men.
  • P. The body of a 5-year-old child is as good as an adult.
  • T The amount of blood in a baby is only 2 liters,
  • E When donating blood, about 250-500 calories (half a liter) of blood are taken from you.

Do you know the side effects of blood donation?

Astrology: Many studies, studies, and scientific observations have unveiled the benefits of blood donation to people. One of these benefits can be to save lives and lives, burn calories, improve cardiovascular health, cancer prevention, and so on. You may have seen these benefits in many articles and journals.

blood donation - Channel0401.Info

But, does blood donation also have side effects?

Astrology: Before we go into the main subject, we must remind everyone that they can not donate their blood.

Why? Because the risk of developing blood-borne infections may increase.

Infections transmitted through the blood, ie infections transmitted by the infected blood of an infected person. Due to possible risks to blood recipients, an applicant for blood donation should fill out medical records forms; these forms will be kept confidential. If the applicant can obtain all the qualifications required, he will be able to donate blood. However, if the applicant does not even have one of the qualifications, he or she will have to take action at a later time, or if he has an infection in the blood, he will undergo medical treatment before he can donate blood. Despite the great benefits of blood donation for health, this may have side effects that you need to know before you do this and donate generously to your blood.

You can carefully consider this information and prepare yourself well before you can donate your blood.

1. Vertigo is one of the side effects of blood donation

Vertigo is one of the most common side effects of blood donation; this is a natural occurrence due to the loss of some blood in the body. Usually, the amount of blood in the process of donating blood from the body is about 250 to 500 caliber. This can lead to hypotension and dizziness. Dizziness usually occurs in blood donors. If you get dizzy after a blood donation, you can lie down and rest a little.

Then, the staff at the blood donation centers may give you some food to help stop dizziness.

Does blood donation have side effects? - Channel0401.Info

This condition is usually temporary and resolves after normalizing blood pressure. But if your dizziness continues, be sure to ask the athletes at the blood donation center. The sudden drop in blood pressure can also cause shivering. After donating blood, it takes a little time for your heart to bring fresh blood to all parts of the body. This condition can cause shaking and sweating, as well as confusion and weakness. In order to minimize this side effect, you should have enough and balanced food and drink before and after donation, and enough sleep too.

2. A hematoma is one of the side effects of blood donation

A hematoma is a bruise caused by the insertion of a needle into the arteries and a limited bleeding in that area. These bruises usually occur after any blood loss, although they are quite temporary and usually disappear after a maximum of 36 hours. These bruises, naturally, become slightly broader before they fade, and may even look a bit scary. However, if you are concerned about these bruises, leave your area well for 10 minutes after leaving the needle, rest well enough, do not lift heavy loads, and put your arm above your heart when sleeping.

3. Pain in the arm area is one of the side effects of blood donation

If you have a little pain in the arm area, you can use acetaminophen or other analgesics. But note, you should avoid taking aspirin and ibuprofen.

4. Nausea One of the side effects of blood donation

For some reason, people may get nauseous when they donate blood. One of the reasons for this is pain sensation when taking blood, observing blood, or observing other donors’ discomfort, tolerance of anxiety and tension caused by the blood donation process, etc. This problem can be solved by relaxing and trying to feel relaxed. If you feel nauseous, vomiting will usually occur. However, vomiting after blood donation is not so common. This situation may be due to more complex effects.

Hence, it is best to ask the blood donors for help and rest well.

5. Feeling pain and pain is one of the side effects of blood donation

Pain and tingling sensation after blood donation should be considered a serious complication. If the donor has a pain in the arm’s area that continues to the fingers, they should inform the blood donors or go straight to the doctor.

6. Feeling sickness is one of the side effects of blood donation

If you have severe symptoms such as a cold or the flu (fever, headache, or a sore throat) within four days of blood donation, you should immediately tell the blood donation center to take the necessary medical treatment if needed.

7. Excessive fatigue One of the side effects of blood donation

Feeling a bit tired after blood donation can be a natural problem because the blood circulation in the brain decreases slightly. But the feeling of exhaustion among blood donors is not so common and normal. Although the condition of many blood donors returns to normal shortly afterward, a small number of donors may also be at risk of this complication. If you feel tired after donating blood and you are on the verge of weakness and getting lost, you should lay down immediately and rest. Most likely, after a while, you will get better.

This condition usually occurs when blood loss occurs.

If you suddenly get up after donating blood or stand up for a long time, you may become pregnant. In addition, this condition also occurs due to hypotension. Lay down and lift your feet, eat liquids and salty foods (biscuits or light snacks).

By doing this, it will quickly improve.

8. Infection is one of the side effects of blood donation

If the needle used for sterilization is unlikely, there will be a risk of developing bacterial infections.

And if you have an infectious disease, blood donation should be carried out before blood donation, so that the infection can not be transmitted through the blood to a recipient who does not tolerate the illness himself or herself. The occurrence of more severe complications during hypotension is very common. These complications should not be worrying you. These are the usual reactions of the body when donating blood and after that.

Asthma: The incidence and severity of these complications vary depending on the individual. But in any case, attendees at the blood donation center will take all the necessary steps to solve your problems, if necessary. However, if these complications persist for some time after blood donation, you should see your doctor as soon as possible. There may be a problem with your blood supply that has been causing these complications. But in general, a major incidence of these complications is rarely seen. The blood donors are there to check your condition before blood donation, and immediately after donating blood, they will address your potential problems. Do not worry about anything, and safely do good.

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