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YouTube Youtube: How to Optimize Videos for YouTube Checker

When I was younger, HubSpot software was the first to use a new idea for international marketing. Marketers were able to publish a large volume of content by learning this software. Currently, this software is optimized and made by search engines. 

Once the content of the text published on the Internet was limited. 11 years later, the content publishing strategy was developed as a comprehensive work on blogs and e-books, such as podcasts that contain visual and video elements.

Image content is still on the rise. In 2018, marketers have been publishing video content. Our interactive guide is about completing the high-quality videos for social media. But content formats have changed that require search optimization. This work is increasingly being done on YouTube

How is this done? What steps are needed to optimize the YouTube channel? Below are some general tips on this topic. Here you can check video summaries in a short time.

7 Tips to Optimize YouTube Search 

1) Title When searching for a movie, the title is the first thing to look at. This is what the viewer determines what the search engine should look for.

 So that he can provide conclusive, concise video. The search engine also helps match the title with what the user searches for. Research has been conducted by Baclenico. The study found that movies that do not have a precise keyword would have fewer visitors. 

So the use of the keyword in the title helps increase the ranking of the channel on YouTube. Brian Dean, one of the authors in this area, explains that there is a strong relationship between video titles with rich keywords and rankings.

Finally, you have to make sure you get short titles. Alicia Collins believes in this regard that title lengths should not exceed 60 characters. 

2) Explanation of the first point: According to Google, a maximum of 1000 characters should be used to describe YouTube video. At the same time, it should be great to use this. Remember that many users have entered the channel to view your videos. 

If you choose a lot of explanations, in the mind of YouTube, only two or three lines of text are shown. The viewer also needs to click on the display to view the continuation of the text so that he can receive the full description. For this reason, we suggest that important information or a very important link be used on the first lines.

Optimizing movies by itself has no harm to the channel. Adding text to a movie can also be useful for those who watch movies. According to research done by Beck Link, there is no relationship between the description of specific keywords and rankings for a specified period.

Be careful that the descriptions that are being used for optimization do not cause users to escape. A description for optimization helps display the bar next to the movie. In fact, this means a significant source for displaying videos for most channels.

3) Tags from the official YouTube Academy show that tagging allows viewers to find better videos. But you do not have any way of informing your viewers on YouTube. Dean explains that using the tagging platform, you can submit YouTube content and text to your users.

In this way, YouTube expands the figures for similar films to attract more viewers. In this regard, you should widely select your labels. But do not use irrelevant tags. Some imagine that any kind of tagline can end up displaying more videos. In fact, Google also considers penalties for irrelevant tags. Video descriptions should start with important keywords. 

4) Categorization When you upload video to youtube, you can use the advanced settings to select different categories for your video group. The category should be similar to the video content. It may sound simple at first. In fact, the director of the YouTube Academy shows that marketing in this network is a comprehensive process and should be carefully focused on determining the video bunch. To determine the video category on YouTube, you must answer the following questions: What are the top video creators in the category? Why are they well-known and why are they doing their job well?

– Is there a pattern between the audience of the same channels in a particular category?

– Are films in a category categorized in terms of quality share such as production value, length or format?

5) Thumbnail View thumbnails of video viewers so you can navigate through the list of video scrolling results.Along with the video title that sends viewers video signal content, you can also get clicks and video views.

You can always choose one of the automatic tweaks options by YouTube. In this case, you should also upload a custom thumbnail. The academy’s authors report that 90% of the best videos on YouTube have custom thumbnails.

 These images should be between 1280 × 720 pixels and their size is less than 2 MB in format JPG, GIF, bmp and more. It’s best to highlight the quality and image sizes on the channel to display the images as you would expect. 

Paying attention to the account on YouTube is very important for custom thumbnail images to be approved. To do this, visit and follow the instructions on the page.

6) SRT file (subtitles and closed captions). To optimize your searches on YouTube, you can use subtitles and add keywords to it. To add subtitles looking for a similar process, you can place a part of the text. Then click on “Videos” and “Manage videos” to manage the video. You can click the drop-down arrow next to the edit button to find the movie subtitles and short descriptions. You can also edit subtitles, or add text and short descriptions to it. Google has provided instructions on how to do this.

7) Card and the end of the card screen  When you are watching a video, you will see a circular icon at the corner of it. There may also be a transparent bar next to the video in which the text of the application is written for membership in the campaign.

 The academy’s founders on YouTube believe they have to format and format a promotional brand in their videos. 

You can use five video cards. Here are 6 types of cards: – Channel cards for viewers who see other channels.  – Donations to encourage fundraising from nonprofit organizations in the United States. – Fans give their viewers help and support the creation of video content. – Linked Cards, which direct viewers enter into an external site and endorse the crowdfunding platform. – Polls that are being asked by viewers and allow them to respond. – Video or playlist card, which connects to YouTube content.

To follow the exact steps of adding a card to a video, it’s best to follow the main steps through Google and check out the following videos. • Screen end 

The end of the screen shows the same information to the card, which even if it is not displayed and the video is not over, you can guess the end. An accurate example of the end of the screen is the existence of images of books that have an intuitive relationship with the text of the book. 

There are detailed instructions to add the end of the screen to the platform as well as various types of content that must be verified on YouTube. Google has explained more details on how to optimize it. Youtube always tests the end of the screen to optimize the channel. This test is done by users. 

• The value of optimizing YouTube videos

The channel optimization on YouTube may be a bit complicated and time-consuming. But remember that people double their time in YouTube in recent years.

 When you try to optimize the channel on YouTube, you increase your chances of being introduced to users.Optimization begins with good content. So, you should try to provide viewers with quality content that is relevant to their needs.


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